Monday, December 04, 2006

3 Teens Kill 4 were a New York City band from the early 80's. Loosely grouped in the post punk and/or no wave scene, their EP was requested somewhere else in a comments section, I forget where. I thought I'd rip my copy and post it.

Wikipedia says, in a brief entry on the band, that "They are most notable for featuring David Wojnarowicz, a famous artist, as a member." That seems unfair to me, the record is fairly good on its own.

My copy of this mini LP (or EP, or whatever) is on the original Point Blank label. There was also a reissue on the French label Invitation Au Suicide.

"Hut" and "Bean Song" are listed as one track on the albun, I kept it that way.

3 Teens Kill 4 - No Motive


TARA said...

hi...i would love it if you'd put up a link for the 3 teens kill 4...i've always wanted to hear it. THANK YOU!!

ShardsOfBeauty said...

I will repost it when I return from abroad in early July! Thanks!

Mr. HCI said...

Mine is the French version.