Monday, February 19, 2007

Legendary Pink Dots - Chemical Playschool 3/4

For people who might have missed this, here are two more early Legendary Pink Dots tapes... this is my very favorite LPD release! Highly recommended!

Chemical Playschool 3/4 was originally a double 90-minute tape, just like 1/2. Released in 1983, the tapes represent a real creative high point for the Dots. When it was reissued on CD (in the mid-90's) one track was left off and others were edited, this version restores over 20 minutes of music! Tracks were taken from the CD where possible, otherwise they are from the original tapes.

Here's Volume 3 side a

Volume 3 side b

and Volume 4 side a

Volume 4 side b

all links fixed (I hope) as of 10/31/10


john said...

Thanks very much for all the legendary pink dots material.

pokemi said...

Thanks for all these treasure.
I get problems with the 2nd folder 'Chemical Playschool Volume 3_2' . It doesn't unzip well
Is it possible to do something?
many thanks


ShardsOfBeauty said...

try downloading again, that is my only suggestion.

phil said...

hi there shards... i have to agree with pokemi - i've dld it twice now - stilllll won't open - 'no files to extract' from a 68+meg zipfile? weird. and that's trying 3 different extractors.
so any chance of a re-up of that file, please???

Simone said...

Hi! I had the same problem with Chem. Playschool 3/2.
Open it with Winrar then --> Tools --> Repair archive.
It did work for me.

Anonymous said...

The link to Chemical Playschool 3_2 seems to be down. Could you up that one again? Any chance that you list the Only Dreaming and the Premonition cassette too? Thanks a lot!

ShardsOfBeauty said...

OK, I re-uploaded the file. Thanks for the comments.

J.M. said...

Volume 3, Side B is down again, I'm afraid. Excellent blog you have here. If you are still here...

Josh said...

yes, any chance of re-upping a fixed Volume 3.2? many thanks!

Josh said...

yes... volume 3.2 is still broken (I tried a few times). Can you please fix and repost? many thanks!

carlomante said...

Many thanks for your great work.
I love this blog!
Could you re-up "Chemical playschool Volume 4_1"?
Many thanks
El Topo