Monday, February 26, 2007

In light of Charles Gocher's untimely passing, here is a live set from the Sun City Girls. Info says San Francisco 1993 and that sounds about right, I haven't ID'd all of these tracks yet but one is a stellar cover of the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282's song "Hive".

May your spirit continue its hellacious ways, CG.

SCG Live 1993


Kevin said...

Hi. I think you posted something on my Sun City Girls post at Eclectic Grooves. Thanks for posting this live show! Would you be willing to add me to the links on your blog. I've just added you to mine. Take care and have a good day.


FM SHADES said...

very nice post.. thx... may the spirit of charlie live on!


FM SHADES said...

Great Post, Trk 06 is called Carousel Tapsel.
You wouldn't happen to have this material at a higher bitrate would you?


Theo said...

RIP gocher, terrible loss to music.
Thanks for the SCG!

ShardsOfBeauty said...

Unfortunately I do not have this at a higher bitrate, FM Shades. Thanks so much for the great music on your blog, by the way!