Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dog Faced Hermans - Live At The Ancienne Chocolaterie CASS

Live tape from this band (they had several, I think this is their 4th live cassette) at a peak in their career, right around the time of the great Mental Blocks For All Ages album (which was recently reissued by Mississippi Records). This features one otherwise unreleased song, if anybody knows the title please leave a comment.

I will be uploading some more releases in this vein soon.



Colin said...

Tracklisting [i think]...
1. Supressa
2. Ballad about Bhopal
3. From the Top of the Mountain
4. Fortune
5. Astronaut
6. Waiting For Their Waters To Be Stirred [otherwise unreleased]
7. The Running Man
8. Body Strategic.

Live in Neuchatel, Switzerland 1991.

Continuo said...

Very good. Love the female vocals + violin. Thanks.

devotionalhooligan said...

Cheers for sharing mate... it's a great recording.x