Thursday, May 28, 2009

United Bible Studies - three more albums

As promised, here are three more out-of-print releases from this Dublin band. See the links from last March below for information about their currently available albums.

Airs Of Sun And Stone is a single long piece, live improv, recorded in a church.

[link deleted because this is still available, see comments]

Stations Of The Sun, Transits Of The Moon is mostly improv duets

And finally, the Black Colcannon CDR release is darker and noisier.


burialchamber said...

Thanks for this, but any chance of an Airs of Sun & Stone re-up?

ShardsOfBeauty said...

seems to work fine for me, click on the download link once you get to mediafire.

burialchamber said...

Worked fine today and looking forward to giving it a listen. Thanks for your excellent blog, I'll be back...more Jarboe would be welcomed.

Deserted Village said...


Please note that Airs Of Sun And Stone is not out of print and is still available from Deep Water Acres.

Gavin, United Bible Studies