Monday, September 25, 2006

Flipper - 1982 Demos

There has been some talk about these lately, given the fact that almost none of Flipper's recordings are in print. These have never officially come out, but have apparantly been released as a double CD bootleg. I would hate for y'all to have to spend money on something that should be free, so here you go...

Part 1
Part 2

Monday, September 18, 2006

Amor Fati aka Amaury Perez was an intriguing underground figure of the 80's who had a simple 4-track basement approach to recording long before some 90's zine came up with the term "lo-fi". His enigmatic releases in plain white covers with paste-on black & white covers and inserts mixed Nitzchean philospohy, noise, classical music, and post-punk to an amazing degree.

He has a new CD and a current website HERE. I highly recommend downloading the MP3 of "Rock And Roll: Economics 101" from his website, a personal favorite.

I'm going to start off with one of several cassettes he released. This, his third release after a 7" EP and a tape, is appropriately entitled Amor Fati III.

As always, please support the artist if you can.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nurse With Wound, Part 2: Lumbs Sister LP

Breaking with tradition here and giving y'all a rare NWW LP. This was part of a 3LP box set along with Sol Invictus and Current 93. The C93 record has been reissued as the Horsey CD, but the NWW tracks are still out of print. Don't know about the Sol Invictus. On the Cerne label, which I think was from Germany.

NWW - Lumbs Sister

Liner notes:

Some of the music from the film by Chris Wallis

Lumbs little sister
was as much willow and twig
as he was oak root
she was as supple
as he was stiff
and could bring the dead back to life
as easily as she could plait her hair
she kept the pieces
of his wooden heart
in the same place
she kept the day and night
each evening she goes to bathe
in the dark green spring
the dust she washes off
becomes the spark
in the eye of the child
the surge in the veins of the lover
the speck of hope
in the eyes of the dying
she dissolves arrives
in the softness of time
and inscribes their history in the ashes of hate
she weaves
the rope that guides the blind
from nothing to something

music S. Stapleton
painting Om
dedicated to Tabatha Raspberry & Grizzle

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in the day, Lustmord recorded for Sterile Records, Third Mind, and other noisy 80's labels. It took them a while to develop their "dark ambient" schtick and the early recordings are much more varied. Dark Vinyl reissued their debut LP on a CD with some bonus material a while back, but this tape (on Sterile, if I recall correctly) has never been reissued to my knowledge. I can barely find info about it on the web, but I did find out that it was released in 1983. This is a dub of a friend's original copy, burned to CD on a standalone player and then ripped to MP3 with LAME (like almost all of what I will offer here - it takes longer, but is worth it).

I don't have the track titles, if somebody knows them please leave info in the comments.

Lustmord - Lustmordekay cassette

UPDATE: Here is a link to the cover art and release info (it was indeed a Sterile release).