Thursday, March 19, 2009

United Bible Studies - The Lunar Observatory

One of their earlier releases, on the Digitalis label. There are some more recent releases by them available at Deserted Village and Camera Obscura, but their earlier work is out of print right now. I will be posting some more shortly.

Lunar Observatory
Controlled Bleeding - Head Chalk tape

This mysterious cassette is another thing not found on the Discogs site. The label that put it out, Cause And Effect, wasn't big on catalog numbers or info. This particular tape has nothing beyond the band name, title, and label printed on it. I remember seeing it for sale in magazine ads when it was released, so I am guessing 1986 or 87. This is my favorite CB period, and I present to you a great and otherwise unavailable piece of work in the vein of the Between Tides album.

Head Chalk