Monday, April 20, 2020

Oh hi! I was shocked out of my laziness and motivated to do another "great 90's band" post, this time with a lovely batch of obscurities from the much-missed Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

 Here's the tracks:

01 Nipper
02 2x4's (7" version)
03 Horrible Hour
04 Outhouse Of The Pryeeee
05 I Am Beautiful, I Am Good
06 Heaven For Real Idiots
07 Strolling Big Butter
08 282 Years
09 Hugh Swarts - Theme From Sunset On Hair Mountain
10 Paul Bergmann - Where Are You Going & Where Have You Been?
11 Jay Paget - Birthday Stew
12 Anne Eickelberg - Sick Of You
13 Brian Hageman - Fruity Fantasies
14 Ed Sullivan
15 Holiday For String
16 The Electrocutioner
17 Electric Chair
18 Everyday
19 Fistful Of Dollars
20 The Kids Are In The Mud
21 Broken Bones
22 Wally and the Ghost
23 Blank Eyed Devil
24 Shiny Pig
25 Entoloma
26 Who Are Parents

and here's the liner notes:

1. This song has been vehemently disowned by the band, and they refused to include it on the 2LP/CD reissue of Wormed By Leonard, but it was on the original cassette release. If you want to make a CD of these tracks, just delete this one and you’ll have enough room!
2-3. Their first 7” release, different & earlier version of “2x4’s”
4. split single w/Sun City Girls that has never been reissued in any form
5-8. alternate versions and one outtake from Mother Of All Saints - from the “Where’s Officer Tuba?” EP
9-13. solo tracks from each band member, from a Bananafish compilation CD
14. from the compilation series “Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings”
15. from a rare cassette compilation on an obscure Olympia WA label that I think was Unwound-associated, I’m sure this is a cover but don’t know who wrote it.
16. Residents cover from the “Eyesore” compilation CD
17. compilation track from the “Sidereal Rest” CD on Scratch Records
18-19. 7” released on Amarillo, 19 is an Ennio Morricone piece
20-21. 7” released on Japan Overseas
22. from the CD, this volume of the Teriyaki Asthma 7” series was never released as vinyl
23. from a CD compilation included with Badaboom Gramaphone #4 magazine
24. from a CD compilation included with Sound Collector #6 magazine
25. from the “Hangin’ From The Devil’s Tree” compilation CD
26. Shaggs cover!! from the “Better Than The Beatles” compilation CD

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3