Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shards Of Beauty Top Ten

To celebrate my 50th post, I thought I'd let y'all know what people have liked the most here:

1. Public Flipper Ltd 2LP
2. Alvarius B S/T 2LP
3. Christoph Heeman - Aftersolstice CD
4. Christoph Heeman - Days Of The Eclipse CD
5. Lemon Kittens - Spoonfed & Writhing CD
6. Christoph Heeman - Invisible Barrier CD
7. UFO Or Die EP
8. V/A - Japan Bashing EP
9. Flipper - 1982 Demos
10. Schlafengarten - Narcotica CASS

Interesting. Only the #10 spot is a cassette, the format I focus on (although Flipper's demos almost certainly came from a tape). Also clearly some favored artists. Any other requests?
Amor Fati - The White

I ripped this cassette for another group of internet friends, so I thought I should make it available here. Another one I got off of Ken back in the 80's, this has a different track listing than the Discogs entry with a lot less tracks. I don't know if it's incomplete or if there were two versions of the tape.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Tellus #13 - Power Electronics

Classic tape-only release from this New York City label which usually had a more "arty" focus to its compilations. Nothing but down and dirty noise here though!

A1 Maybe Mental - Look At The Clown
A2 Merzbow - Gamma-Titan
A3 Amor Fati - Will To Live
A4 If, Bwana - Umm...
A5 Rhys Chatham - Excerpt From XS
A6 Psyclones - Excerpt From Between Space
A7 Blackhouse - One Nation Under God
A8 Joseph Nechvatal - How To Kill
A9 Master/Slave Relationship - The Heaviest
B1 Maybe Mental - Memories Of My Birth
B2 Architects Office - AD 301.5
B3 Controlled Bleeding - Clotage
B4 Mojo - The Fighters Distance (Excerpt)
B5 Coup De Grace - Your Children
B6 Le Syndicat - Putrefied Brain (Excerpt)
B7 Mitch Corber - The Sirens
B9 F/i - On Off


Sunday, February 03, 2008


Blistering, complicated noise from the geniuses behind the Selektion label in a one-off project. Check this review from Discogs:

Joachim Pense, Stefan E. Schmidt, Roger Schönauer, Ralf Wehowsky, Charly Steiger was the core members of the SLP collective, one of Selektion's most exessive projects - concerning the number of participants but also the differentation and interference of the different working concepts. The concert situation could assemble a "live recycling" of recorded material, a composition, which organised a chronological and spatial distribution of sounds, the first of the Selektio custom-built computer interfaces, which directed parts of the distribution and a quasi dramaturgical presentation through 4 operators who treated the turntables in the center of the quadrophonic sound-space.