Sunday, July 29, 2007


While I'm patiently waiting for some nice blogger to post a good rip of the 3rd Konstruktivits album (Black September), I thought I'd throw up this interesting anomaly of a tape. Released in 1989, but consisting of archival material from Konstruktivits, V.D.O., and N.K.V.D. circa 1981-82. Recommended for fans of the first two Konstruktivits records.

This is a 90 minute tape, split into two parts:

N.K.V.D. Compilation side A

N.K.V.D. Compilation side B

Friday, July 27, 2007

OK, that was a fast request...

Here you go:

PGR - Silence LP (256k, no skips)

The first half of side one is stunningly great, again.
PGR - The Flickering Of Sowing Time

There were several records from this excellent and enigmatic group posted elsewhere, but I have not yet seen a post of their 2nd album. I have a copy, but I had to rebuy it after inexplicably losing my first original sometime in the mid 90's. This newer copy of mine has a lot more surface noise on Side 1 than I would prefer, but I will offer it anyway and encourage somebody else out there to post a better rip on their blog (or in the comments).

I want to note that this is one of my favorite records of the era. Much more varied than any other PGR album, with two tracks that actually approach song forms. But the best moment for me is the title track, an evocative blend of environment and studio. One of the finest things that RRR put out in my opinion.

The Flickering Of Sowing Time LP

In that same vein, the Mutantsounds post of the 1st PGR record, Silence, has a skip at 6:20 or so. Would anybody like my rip of a cleaner copy?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Diamanda Galas - Faust Eros Tod LP

I'm planning on posting more for a while, so stay tuned for a run of new stuff here. Next up is this excellent live LP from the formidable Diamanda Galas. The first side is the gem here, live and unadorned vocal spew. The flip, a live verson of "Litanies Of Satan", is slightly bogged down by the obvious backing tapes. Nonetheless, a rare and beautiful document of this fantastic talent around the time of her self-titled LP for the Metalanguage label (i.e. 1983-84).

Faust Eros Tod

Ms. Galas has a lot of product available, buy some!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I posted a Cyrnai cassette earlier, and Mutantsounds posted her "Charred Blossoms" EP, so I thought I'd throw up this even earlier cassette. Murky, less rhythmic, and possessed of a uniquely dark atmosphere. Another great tape from the Ladd-Frith label, which I will be revisiting soon. More info about Cyrnai HERE. Unfortunately, no track titles this time.

Parts Of The Insomniac Wheel

Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, here I am! I was gone for a while but have returned to bring you more lovely tape releases, obscure albums, and who knows what else!

To get things started here is another Crawling With Tarts tape. Very different from the Bled Es Siba set, some of these even qualify as songs. Again, this will come as a shock to those who have only heard the Operas records or similar conceptual fare.

Enjoy and thanks for all the comments while I was gone!

The Tudor Tapes (C30)

UPDATE: reupped by request