Thursday, August 06, 2009

Annie Anxiety - live tape

Another true rarity here, not listed anywhere I can find. Four songs ranging from weird tape loop tracks to punk ragers. I think I hear Steve Ignorant in there on one track as well. Any information on this would be appreciated. More rare Annie Anxiety can be found HERE and her superb 1st LP Soul Possession is out there on the interweb.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Christine Baczewska - two tapes

Ms. Baczewska does have a Discogs entry, but these two C15 tapes aren't in it. Fascinating songs built out of nothing but vocals and loops. Looks like the B-side of the first tape was featured on a 1990 CD compilation, and she was also in an earlier band called Care Of The Cow, who had one 1981 LP. Anyone got that?

Seriously recommended stuff here!

The Brain Itself Feels No Pain C15

I Am I C15

UPDATE: The album by Care Of The Cow and some comments from Ms. Baczweska herself are available over at Mutantsounds.