Saturday, October 17, 2009

Legendary Pink Dots - Traumstadt 3

One of several pieces from this 5-tape series that have yet to see reissues, so here ya go. This lovely tape-only artifact contains ten songs from their mid-to-late 80's period, three of which are unavailable elsewhere. All tracks recorded live at various locations in Europe.

Maddeningly for us completists, there are a few tracks from both Traumstadt 1 and 2 that are not on the CD reissues. MIA from Vol. 1 (on Beta-Lactam) are "Close Your Eyes You Can Be A Space Captain" and "I Dream Of Jeannie".

From Traumstadt 2 (most of which is scattered across Stained Glass Soma Fountains and Under Triple Moons) the missing list includes versions of "Vigil-Anti", "Apocalypse Soon", "Suicide Pact", and "Violence", as well as the unknown-to-me "World War Six" and "Visitor To The Machine".

If anyone has the tapes, I'd love to put those tracks up here.

And now, the live tape:


Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Trend - Too Many Humans

Great Flipperesque hate sludge from these DC misfits. Their 1st album, unfortunately not available anywhere. There are 9 early demos on a Teenbeat CD but I don't think they are the same versions, and certainly don't include a lot of the tracks here.