Sunday, August 27, 2006

SPK's "Last Attempt At Paradise" cassette is one of several tapes documenting the early 80's live version of this band. Released by the Lawrence, Kansas label Fresh Sounds.

SPK - The Last Attempt At Paradise

here is more information on the release, including liner notes.


dunwich said...

hard to find a SPK fan.
Do you have their early works? I mean "Leichenschrei" and "Information Overload Unit"
thank you and good job!

musicmatic said...

hi, both is out on cd and does not fit the blog concept, do they?
can we have a small look on what's in your archive, shards?

musicmatic said...
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ShardsOfBeauty said...

you are correct, friend electric! no available stuff here!

coming up soon:

Crawling With Tarts
Amor Fati
Nurse With Wound
Legendary Pink Dots
Sue Ann Harkey

and more...

Jörg said...

I know MACs are cool but unfortunately the evil empire is reigning out there so most people use XP. If you have the possibility, could you post ZIP files?
There is some interesting music here and it would be sad if only the MAC users could enjoy it.
I re-upped the Glaxo Babies on

Jörg said...

just saw that you posted the others as ZIP, thanks!