Thursday, March 22, 2007

One more post before I take a break, this is a rare early tape from Attrition on the Third Mind label (TMT 06). More like a cassette EP, really. Burned to CD from the original tape, converted in LAME.

Attrition - Onslaught

Perhaps I will get around to one more, but I doubt it... I'll be back at the end of June!


n-rich said...

Hi Shards - thank you for posting one of my favourite Attrition releases! I daren't play the tape any more for fear of damaging it, so it's great to have it as mp3s. For me, this release strikes exactly the right balance between their early free-form experiments and the more song-based material of the first vinyl albums. Incidentally, Martin Bowes is remastering Attrition's back catalogue and recently released the "Something Stirs (The Beginning 1981-'83)" CD, which features material from the early tapes (including this one) and some amazing unreleased live material (with guitars and a real drummer!) from their first incarnation. Also just out is a new release of the "Attrition of Reason" CD (including the "Voice of God" EP), all remastered. More info at Thanks again!

aethr said...

The download archive has 5 of 12 supposed tracks? Is this correct?


ShardsOfBeauty said...

There are only five tracks on this cassette. Not sure where you get 12 from, maybe that's the CD n-rich mentioned above.

ShardsOfBeauty said...

oh, the track numbering is off. I see what you mean. this was burned from my collection along with other Attrition tracks, so the numbers are not 01-05.

aethr said...

Ok, that clears up the issue.

Thanks for the quick response!