Monday, February 04, 2008

Tellus #13 - Power Electronics

Classic tape-only release from this New York City label which usually had a more "arty" focus to its compilations. Nothing but down and dirty noise here though!

A1 Maybe Mental - Look At The Clown
A2 Merzbow - Gamma-Titan
A3 Amor Fati - Will To Live
A4 If, Bwana - Umm...
A5 Rhys Chatham - Excerpt From XS
A6 Psyclones - Excerpt From Between Space
A7 Blackhouse - One Nation Under God
A8 Joseph Nechvatal - How To Kill
A9 Master/Slave Relationship - The Heaviest
B1 Maybe Mental - Memories Of My Birth
B2 Architects Office - AD 301.5
B3 Controlled Bleeding - Clotage
B4 Mojo - The Fighters Distance (Excerpt)
B5 Coup De Grace - Your Children
B6 Le Syndicat - Putrefied Brain (Excerpt)
B7 Mitch Corber - The Sirens
B9 F/i - On Off



Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed that it's been months since I last checked out your blog. :) Great stuff as usual. :)

Danny Snelson said...


so great to be able to listen to this release! -- i've been hunting some of these down for a project at UbuWeb.

i've forwarded yr site along to Kenny G. at -- he's uploading the entire series (poke around, a lot of it is not so 'arty' either -- tho nothing so 'down n dirty' as this)!

keep on the good fight! mediafire has burnt me in the past too -- i can understand yr feelings on these.. .

i've a few noisy japanese cassettes coming up at my site in the coming weeks -- i'll drop note you might dig (^_^)

j.h c

Rod Warner said...

... great stuff - just wandered in on a link and found skronk gold! Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am upload on YouTube some of this great songs, and I am not ask you first but I use your blog like copyright. If you don't agree I will deleted all song what I'm uploaded. Anyway, thank you.
Miodrag Cheza Stojanovic