Monday, June 21, 2010

Sufi Mind Game

Stunning power-duo action from Portland guitar legend Steven Wray Lobdell and former Hitting Birth drummer David Parks. Some classic "too rare for Discogs" items here this time, I figured I was overdue for a labor of love.

First up is this untitled live cassette (although it might be called "Complete Metamorphosis", see cover scan). I'm not sure if there is another tape or not, there was a review in Snipe Hunt magazine way back when but I was never able to ascertain whether it was the same one. This little beauty needed some serious resuscitation, particularly on the left channel. No sound processing was used other than gain adjustment.

Next we have their long-lost single for Holy Mountain (YAMA 002), complete with cover scans.

Finally, there was a single on the infamous Stomach Ache label, there was a cover but no track/recording info.

And as a little bonus I've included their track from the Bananafish compilation "My Baby Does Good Sculptures", the only thing that IS listed on Discogs from this lost treasure of a band. As always, any additional info or comments is appreciated.

Portland represent!



sudzy said...

Thank you, even though I have no idea what this is, or the vaster significance of it. Just came across your blog today...cheers from CA.

Unknown said...

i've seen steven ray lobdell play a couple times; once with the legendary FAUST, and once with his own davis radford triad...i've never heard of this project, so bless you for supplying this...and
thanx frum urkenny

Unknown said...

the Stomach Ache 7" is called "Sufi Mind Rave" because of the drum machine. Steven was allegedly working on a CD comp of lost tapes stuff for Holy Mountain but he decided to start a new band, Lords of Falconry, instead.

Koz McKev said...

I'm a radio programmer from Chico California wanting to get in touch with drummer David Parks of Portland