Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Cale - live in the (late) 70's

Got my memory jogged by a discussion of the sad non-availability of Cale's Even Cowgirls Get The Blues CD. That currently overpriced record features some pretty iffy sound quality, and there's a couple of other ROIO shows from the same era that have the same songs with better sound. So here you go! A great soundboard from Dallas and a very good audience tape from Philly, a year after Cowgirls was first released in some weird kind of mail-order-only LP version (it was reissued once in 1990 or so and has been out of print ever since). If you only listen to one thing here, please check out the Dallas version of "Even Cowgirls..." (the song). Just amazing... I think that's Judy Nylon from Snatch on vocals. The Philly show is a raw audience recording, but everything comes through loud and clear. Plus, it has a number of superior takes including a furious "Casey At The Bat".

As a bonus I've included the full CBGB's set that most of Cowgirls is drawn from. Reissue the damn CD, John! Preferably in a box set with these other shows.

FLAC files can be converted with the freeware programs Trader's Little Helper (for PC) and xACT (for Macs), if anyone is wondering. They will also play using the VLC program.

Dallas 1979 (flac)
Philadelphia 1979 (flac)
CBGB's 1978 (mp3)


23rdDjin said...

thank you so much for these. it was an interesting, between albums, time where a lot of songs got tried out, then kept or dropped. no idea what's on them aside from part of the CBGB's recording, having the "Cowgirls..." disc, but no matter. John Cale is an artist that always delivers.

Unknown said...

John Cale - Philly 1979
Is the tape at a slow speed? Cale sounds flat compared to other shows from this period.


23rdDjin said...

i noticed that as well. i know there are ways/programs to adjust the speed and would advise you of them if i knew of them but i haven't yet investigated it. i have a few other recordings that could benefit from the treatment one 'direction' or the other. would welcome any advice/referrals for such as i could a) take care of this myself and b) pass the word along