Monday, November 14, 2011

Wingtip Sloat & Empty Box - early tapes

I've had this rip sitting in my projects folder for a few years now. I was afraid to really get into it because I knew it would be a discography/tracking nightmare, and I was right. But this history must be heard!

Fans of early 90's lo-fi may have fond memories of the Wingtip Sloat crew, who were one of the first (if not the first) bands on the VHF label. Shredding in a manner quite similar to the Pavement and GBV records of the time, but with a bit more instrumental meandering, screamy walls of static, and other experimental moves.

Empty Box were the pre-Sloat incarnation, and we also have here their only release that I know of aside from a Bananafish comp track. Not on Discogs. "A Blow To The Head 1986-89" is the cassette title, but the tracks don't match up - I've made my best estimate and left off the last two titles ("Mouthcramp" and "Cranes", for the curious). Much more sedate & normal than the Sloat boys, with added tape warble.

The tracking on the debut Wingtip Sloat release "User Friendly Bowl Wrapper" is even worse, as was noted on the dubbed copy I received back in '91 - there are a LOT more songs than titles. Using their cover of The Clean as a benchmark, I have titled the last eight tracks according to the Discogs entry, your guess is as good as mine for the earlier ones.

I think it would be really cool if VHF could release these and the other two Sloat tapes someday. Any casual fan of that brash, hissy early 90's aesthetic should give 'em a listen.

A Blow To The Head

User Friendly Bowl Wrapper (part 1)
User Friendly Bowl Wrapper (part 2)


carlomante said...

Many thanks for the precious pearls of your blog. There are some links that are no longer active, could you kindly re-up them, please? They are:
- Legendary Pink Dots/Attrition: The Terminal Kaleidoscope
- Crawling With Tarts: Bled Es Siba (Tape 2 / Side A)
- Crawling With Tarts - Candy Tooth Ceylon.
All the best,
Alex T - El topo.

ShardsOfBeauty said...

OK, I think all of those are re-upped now. Thanks!

carlomante said...

Many, many thanks for previous re-ups. I have another kind request for you. Could you kindly re-up Schlafengarten - Narcotica and Spring Cleaning, please?
All the best.
Alex T - El Topo

phil said...

oh wow - oh no, mega-NO-upload - any chance you could re-up these Wintip Sloat tapes elsewhere???!!!
many thanks!

ShardsOfBeauty said...

OK, you should be good to go with new Mediafire links - thanks for asking!

Peter Tron said...

pre-sloat!? i had no inkling.
now i know better, i am now well and truly inkled!

thousandfolded said...

A little late to the party, but so happy to see that these links are still active! Didn't know there was any pre-Sloat recordings out there, so that sweetens the deal even more. Anyway, thanks, amazing post...