Sunday, September 07, 2014

I was digging around in my hard drive and found this Popol Vuh bootleg from 1973!

Also includes a detailed pdf discography

This is a soundboard recording of a live performance in 1973, probably late summer or early fall, in the church in Baumberg in Germany (which accounts for the beautiful natural reverb).

My guess is that this is just Daniel Fichelscher on guitar and Florian Fricke on keyboards and vocal (and may be the first recording of Fichelscher as a member of Popol Vuh - he would become co-partner with Fricke for all subsequent Popol Vuh albums.   Vocalist Djong Yun did not sing here, because she was away in America at the time.  Fricke's dissatisfaction with his vocals - heard here and on the studio album from 1973, "Seligpreisung" - would prompt him to later add another vocalist, Renate Knaup, whom he met through Fichelscher (both Fichelscher and Knaup had been members of Amon Duul II).

Song list (all are extended versions of the following pieces from their 1973 album "Seligpreisung"):

1)Weinen und Lachen
2)Hungern und Dursten
3)Hungern und Dursten (2nd take)
4)Willig Arm
5)Leid Klagen
6) Interview (German)
33 minutes of music followed by a 12 minute interview, which sounds like it was recorded in a park - because they sometimes have to pause to let a truck go by.

(link deleted, too large for Mediafire)


Unknown said...

DL link is a virus, not live album. Sorry PV fans.

DerKoyote said...

A reupload would be great!