Sunday, July 29, 2007


While I'm patiently waiting for some nice blogger to post a good rip of the 3rd Konstruktivits album (Black September), I thought I'd throw up this interesting anomaly of a tape. Released in 1989, but consisting of archival material from Konstruktivits, V.D.O., and N.K.V.D. circa 1981-82. Recommended for fans of the first two Konstruktivits records.

This is a 90 minute tape, split into two parts:

N.K.V.D. Compilation side A

N.K.V.D. Compilation side B


Anonymous said...


Wow thanks for this tape been looking for ages to find it.And in return I'll post Black September for you.


Curious Guy said...

All files on quicksharing have been deleted. Have the same problem. Switched to mediafire 2 months ago.

litlgrey said...

Wait... was this the tape from my audiofile label? Awww, I wish you'd posted a picture...