Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, here I am! I was gone for a while but have returned to bring you more lovely tape releases, obscure albums, and who knows what else!

To get things started here is another Crawling With Tarts tape. Very different from the Bled Es Siba set, some of these even qualify as songs. Again, this will come as a shock to those who have only heard the Operas records or similar conceptual fare.

Enjoy and thanks for all the comments while I was gone!

The Tudor Tapes (C30)

UPDATE: reupped by request


Fuzzy Crew said...

Hi welcome back:

we like to see that you have find us. it would be nice if you could include your complete blog url
in every update announcement.

you have the link to the old totally fuzzy blog. we like to see the actual link of our new destination
in your blogroll. we hope you can and will manage this for us.

thanx a lot

herr k.

ShardsOfBeauty said...

Done, Herr k! Thanks for all your work.

MrC said...

cheers muchly for the CWT joy!

MrC ;)

...i posted a vinyl rip of 'Operas' a while back ...

Anonymous said...


thanks for another CWT, and I have posted Ain Soph for you.


Post-Materialists said...

Greetings from Moscow CWT fan!
can you share Tudor tapes once again?

ShardsOfBeauty said...

It is back up now, thanks for your interest.

Post-Materialists said...

many thanx!!!!

Post-Materialists said...

can you made some scans of the cover and the tape?
anyway u got great blog!
maybe you got this releases (i'm looking for them for years):

Sponge - feathers and eyeballs or a dance of a mixed blood (1996/CD/TEC tones)

Half Jpanese - 4 four kids EP (1991/7"/Elemental)

Crawling with tarts - all stuff before 1990

Buzzard Bait - total trash (1996/cass/Psychoacoustic)

Big Butter - anything

ShardsOfBeauty said...

I don't have scans, sorry.

I have one more tape (AA Redbox Pahoehoe) that I will post soon.