Thursday, January 31, 2008

Architects Office - Caswallon The Headhunter LP

Posting this in a very late response to Cranio's request. Sorry, I used to have the AO353 cassette as well but I sold it. It wasn't really very good. THIS, however, is top notch weirdness of a very special nature. Released on PGR's label Silent back in 1986, the lengthy LP is an audio journey describing the Roman conquest of the British Isles. It presents a mix of real time story, historical perspective, and various digressions into modern topics. Written by Jane Brakhage, narrated by several different people, and with background music by AO. Fascinating.



bravo juju said...

Sounds great! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


a whole lot of thanks for this very weird record, this is a whole different side of AO. Excellent.