Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Embarrassment - Retrospective

Another tape-only classic from the Fresh Sounds label (which also put out an SPK tape!). A tad unusual for this blog, but this is such a good example of Midwestern 80's pop punk in America. Pretty cool tunes, some of which are still unreleased in any other format. Almost all of their releases seem to be out of print. Someone oughta reissue this pronto. My tape definitely suffers from "cassette sound", so caveat emptor. This goes out to all the Indiana dudes, yo.

Note: After painstakingly recording, editing, and ripping this original cassette copy, I allowed the iTunes autotag to misspell the name of the band before I uploaded the zip file. Please fix the tag (insert "embarrassed" joke here).


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Brennan Cavanaugh said...

Hey Thanks for all your excellent posts! Love the Mediafire. I'd lost this Embarrasment stuff in a drive crash, glad to have it again. You made yourself known on the Mutant Sounds site, and I'm really appreciative that you did...Be well...