Saturday, April 05, 2008

Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs - A series...

Youngs gets more of the press and gets to play with Jandek, but for me these guys are at their best when playing together. First up, the rare Majora releases...

Asthma & Diabetes


Then of course we have their famous 2nd album following the Lake 2LP. This was the first release of theirs to be anywhere near widely available, largely due to label Forced Exposure (RIP). I think some material on here is the same as the 2LP.


Next is a little-known 10" they did for the UK label 4th Dimension. This is one of my favorite releases of theirs. Released in 1995, edition of 400.

444D 10"


BCR said...

hi, just came across yr blog.. great stuff here! thanx so much for sharing these hard to find delights!

GRK. said...

I've had Ceaucescu on vinly for ages but haven't heard the other three yet. Cheers for these! See you in March.