Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thomas Dimuzio - TD1 cassette

Debut release from this sound wizard, this predates his LP on Generations Unlimited (which I can also post if there is interest). Fully whacked drones collide with jittery computer soundwaves to maximum effect. This was also on the Generations Unlimited label, part of their "Dramatic Electronic Music Series". No catalog #, released in 1988.


UPDATE: link works now, sorry!


Unknown said...

I'd certainly be curious about early Dimuzio stuff, including this cassette, but the link you kindly provided doesn't lead to a download page, I'm afraid. Hope you can sort that out. Nice blog you're having here.

phil said...

hi there - i'd also love to hear the lp - used to love his later cd's!

Anonymous said...

shardsofbeauty - i see you still link to my long gone blog cut-out. well, i already revitalized the old mr. lucky blog, shut it down and posting on 'infinity in sound' right now. just to inform you ;)

the lovely dorfdisco braunsfeld blog is gone too...

and yes - thanks for this dimuzio rarity! i removed his 'monopoly' double-cd not long ago, it's still in print. some additional tracks are dl'able from his homepage, too.