Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eno & Schwalm - Lanzarote 2001

Another great soundboard recording that hasn't been released.

It was fantastic! The whole thing took place in a volcano (extinct, at least during the concert). You had to leave your car on the nearby road, and climb into a bus which carried you a few hundred meters through deeply fissured lava fields. Through a wide gap in the crater wall you reached a plain ground covered with black gravel. In the center they had installed their gear, only separated from the audience (1700 people) by a knee-high fence. The audience space was surrounded by a number of speakers. Everybody was sitting on the ground (you were given a cushion plus a paper bag for your rubbish plus a small cardboard ashtray when entering the crater).



989 said...


I have a question in regard to a specific musician. May you provide me with your email or another method of contact.

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ShardsOfBeauty said...

Absolutely not, ask your question here or shut the fuck up.