Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Modern Lovers - Songs Of Remembrance

great overview of the early 70's.



liner notes:

1-4 jonathan richman's first demos 1970
according to http://www.modernlovers.com/ the following songs
were also recorded at this session (in boston, sometimes referred
to as the harvard square demos) but have yet to surface.
* cosmic plane of the arcane
* she's taking the pill for me
* sunshine your eyes
* someone i care about

5-7 modern lovers first session, boston ma 1971 (not 1972 as listed on the sleeve).
sessions held at intermedia sound in boston.
"ride the highway" was evidently recorded as well.

6-8 demos with john cale, spring 1972
march or april 1972, demos for warner bros at whitney studios in la.
evidently a further version of roadrunner was recorded.

10-12 aborted album sessions with john cale, autumn 1973
september (?) 1973 sessions for warner bros at elektra studios, la.
according again to http://www.modernlovers.com/ these tracks
were not the cale album session versions but earlier versions
from a kim fowley session (10 & 11) at dinky dawsons studios
in june 1972 and an august 1973 session also with kim fowley
at gold star studios in la.

13 live 1972
live in radcliffe, october 1972. unknown venue.

14-17 mercer arts centre, nyc, new year's eve 1972-12-31.
evidently wayne county and the new york dolls were also on the bill.

18 cambridge boat house, ma, 1972


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